Botan maintains the leadership in producing blankets and non-woven textiles by continuously developed all production processes and pays attention to operate all activities. We promise to improve all factors effecting on products and give full satisfaction to our customers.  


Botan Blanket Company is intent on developing to produce the quality of products and maintains the leadership in blankets and non-woven textiles. To assure our clients' confidence, we are committed to continue developing ourselves and we hope that this will contribute to our ever-increasing success in the near future. 


Botan Blanket Company is a blanket and textile manufacturer in Thailand. We specialise in producing blankets and non-woven textiles. Our company has been given technology and knowledge from Japan and has been well-known in Thailand for more than 4 decades under the ‘Botan’ trademark. Our products are qualified and come at a reasonable price. Botan products are prevalent and have been chosen by many organisations throughout the nation. With our experience and high competency, it is undeniable that Botan is a leading company in the Blanket and Textile industry.